Please visit our Vendors at the Boutique
Also, Yiayia's Kouzina and Kids Crafts

Yiayia's Kouzina
Learn how to cook Greek by observing the cooking demonstrations!
Rooms 2A & 2B

Mati Jewels
Have you seen the Greek mythical
glass from our Designer Melissa Martakis?
Stop by her booth! See her website:
Rooms 4A & 4B
Greek Delights Store
Have a 'Taste from Greece' from The Greek Store in Kenilworth! Owner Lia Diamandas is selling delicious Greek chocolates, honey, spices, herbal mountain tea and a variety of other Greek delights!
Room 9

Anastasia Tsetsekas
Visit Designer Anastasia Tsetsekas tables and see her one- kind hand designed glass beads necklaces & bracelets.

Room 3A & 3B

Hand Crocheted
​Necklaces & Bracelets.

Come by Barbara Lambriodes table to see her hand crocheted necklaces and bracelets.
Rooms 3A & 3B
Jewelry – Greek Silver
Do you like sterling silver jewelry? Visit Elizabeth Katechis and try on one of her beautiful Greek silver necklaces!

Room 3A & 3B
Lularoe Clothing
If you are new to LulaRoe, prepare to have your fashion world knocked upside down! The clothes are comfortable, affordable, colorful, and flattering! Come check the tops, dresses, cardigans and leggings from Jackie and Barb! or
​Rooms 3A & 3B

Hair Accessories by Lillarose
for All Ages

Visit Claudia Gomez (Hairwerks) table to see 'Lillarose' Hair Clips and her original creations in kids' hair clips for children to adult headbands.
Rooms 4A & 4B
Jewelry -Touchstone Crystal
by Swarovski
Come see the beautiful Touchstone Crystal Jewelry at Allie's and Kiki's Table!,
Rooms 4A & 4B
Pet treats and Jewelry Origami Owl
Buy a homemade dog biscuit from Teresa Smith. Visit her table to see her unique Origami Owl jewelry!
Rooms 4A & 4B

Scentsy Products
Come smell the aromatic scentsy diffusers and wax warmers at Ally's table!
Rooms 4A & 4B
Soaps, Lotions, Aromatherapy
Essential oils

Check out the beer and goat milk soaps from Dorina Trusca! They are all made with natural and organic ingredients. Visit her website
Rooms 4A & 4B
Greek Paintings and Oil Paintings​
Beautify your walls with a Greek scenic painting or an oil painting from Sotiri and Xanthi Kotopoulos!
Room 5

Chiropractic Information with
Dr. Pat Selimo

Visit Dr. Pat Selimo and learn how chiropractic
​can add life to your years.
Room 6
Colorstreet Nail Polish Strips
Come see the unique nail polish strips at Jennifer's table!

​Room 6
Greek Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Handbags and Accessories
Visit Despina Angelides' table and buy imported Greek Clothing or Beautiful Handbags!
Room 6

Kids Arts & Crafts
Bring your children to the Kids Arts & Crafts Room!
Room 8
Knit and Stitch
Once again this year our Knit and Stitch organization will feature new designs knitted by the ladies of our organization. Visit our boutique and do your holiday shopping early. Beautiful baby items, ponchos, shawls, shawlettes, scarves, hats and much more all made by the members of our group. Also, don't miss out on our special sale items and sale yarn in our bargain racks. All proceeds go toward our Church chapel needs.
​We look forward to seeing you…September 20, 21, and 22nd.
Room 9